Jonny 8 Ball Cues

Exceptional craftsmanship, unmatched performance, and distinct designs for all players.

Jet Series Cues

Modern elegance meets uncompromising performance

A contemporary, no-nonsense range of quality cues that are designed for players who value performance, precision, and style. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, each cue in the Jet Series features a sleek, modern design that is both visually appealing and highly functional.

The Jet Series cues boast a two-piece construction with a high-quality North American ash shaft and durable, steel joints for a perfect balance of strength and flexibility. The cues are fitted with a 10mm or 9.5mm tips to provide optimum control and accuracy, ensuring you can make those crucial shots with confidence.

Each cue in the Jet Series showcases a striking colour palette, with options like black, white, red, blue, and purple to suit your personal taste. The cues’ minimalist design is highlighted by subtle yet distinctive accents, making them a sophisticated choice for any player looking to make a statement at the table.

Upgrade your game with the Jonny 8 Ball Jet Series cues, and experience a perfect blend of contemporary design, exceptional performance, and lasting durability. With the Jet Series, you’ll be ready to conquer the competition and make your mark in the world of snooker and pool.

Combi Series Cues

Ultimate adjustable cue for unmatched versatility and adaptability

Discover the ultimate in cue versatility with the Jonny 8 Ball Combi Series, designed to offer an exceptional playing experience with multiple length combinations. Ideal for home tables with limited space or junior players, this cue delivers unmatched adaptability and quality for a skilled game.

The Combi Series cue features a 57″ length with a center joint, making it suitable for both snooker and pool. Its innovative design includes four interchangeable sections in the butt, allowing for swift adjustments in length. With brass quick-release joints, you can easily modify the cue length to 52″, 48″, 43″, 38″, or 33″, ensuring the perfect fit for any playing scenario.

Constructed with a stained hardwood butt and a satin-smooth finish, the Combi Series cue offers a sleek and stylish appearance. The 9mm Elk Master leather stick-on tip is conditioned and ready for play, while the North American ash shaft with feathering and brass ferrule ensures excellent performance. The Jonny 8 Ball logo on the butt showcases the cue’s quality and elegance.

Compatible with screw-in extensions (sold separately) and available in 17oz and 18oz weights, the Combi Series cue is the ultimate choice for players seeking unmatched versatility and adaptability in their game.

American Flame Series Cues

Ignite your game with Jonny 8 Ball’s fusion of style and versatility

Ignite your game with our Flame Series cues by Jonny 8 Ball. These exceptional cues seamlessly blend the attributes of snooker and pool cues with the unmistakable style of American cues. Featuring a striking flame design on the butt and a high-quality 11mm tip, these cues are perfect for players seeking precision and control. The premium maple shaft ensures a smooth, consistent stroke, while the polished steel joint offers a secure connection and enhances cue balance. The nylon wrapped handle provides a comfortable grip for ultimate control. Dare to be different and let the Flame Series help you set the tables ablaze with your skill and style.

Scorpion Series Cues

Precision and power with a venomous twist

Unleash the power of the Scorpion Series cues by Jonny 8 Ball. These dynamic cues boast a captivating metallic scorpion design on the butt, symbolizing strength and precision. Engineered with pool players in mind, the Scorpion Series cues feature a smaller 9mm tip, making them equally suitable for snooker enthusiasts who prefer a more compact tip size.

Experience exceptional shot control and energy transfer with the innovative wood-to-wood joint, designed to emulate the feel of a one-piece cue. With the Scorpion Series, you’ll enjoy unmatched precision and consistency on every shot, whether you’re playing pool or snooker. Embrace the venomous sting of the Scorpion Series cues and let your game do the talking.

Lava Series Cues

Ignite your game with vibrant style and unmatched performance

Introducing the Lava Series cues, where fiery aesthetics meet top-notch performance for both pool and snooker enthusiasts. These 57-inch, center-jointed cues boast a grained North American Ash shaft, sanded for a silky smooth cueing action. The eye-catching two-tone Lava design on the butt wrap, accented by metallic specks, brings style and flair to any playing environment.

Featuring a durable high-gloss finish, these cues are available in a variety of vibrant colors to suit your personal taste. The wood-to-wood joint with a steel thread ensures optimal energy transfer, while the 9.5mm leather stick-on tip and stainless-steel ferrule provide precision and control. Weights range from 17oz to 18oz, ensuring a comfortable, well-balanced experience.

The Lava Series cues are not only visually striking but also designed for exceptional performance, making them the perfect addition to your game room. And with the protective rubber butt bumper, you can safely show your approval for a great shot without damaging your cue. Turn up the heat and elevate your game with the Lava Series.

Classic Series Cues

Timeless elegance meets precision play for Pool and Snooker enthusiasts

Embrace the sophistication of the Classic Series Jonny 8 Ball cues, designed to bring the elegance and style of the traditional game to your fingertips. These cues feature a smooth, matching ash grain shaft, a brass vacuum joint, and a quick-release mini butt extension for seamless adaptability. Crafted with a smaller 9mm tip, these cues cater to pool players, but they’re also suitable for snooker enthusiasts who prefer a more compact tip. With a weight of up to 21oz, the Classic Series cues offer a formidable impact, ensuring powerful break shots and a commanding presence at the table. Elevate your game with the unmatched grace and precision of the Classic Series cues.

Phantom Series Cues

Revolutionary multi-shaft cue for customised gameplay and unrivaled precision

Elevate your game with the cutting-edge Phantom Series cue, designed for players who demand versatility and precision. This innovative cue allows you to swiftly switch between 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm ash shafts, enabling you to adapt your cue to your preferred tip size and enhance your performance in both snooker and pool.

The Phantom Series cue boasts a visually striking metallic butt with stainless steel trim, complemented by leather stick-on tips and stainless steel ferrules. The ultra-rapid release stainless steel joint ensures seamless shaft changes, while the Jonny 8 Ball logo badge on the butt end showcases your cue’s quality and style.

Experience unparalleled comfort and control with the shock-absorbing rubber grip, designed to deliver an exceptional cueing experience. The cue also features a rubber butt protector for added protection against knocks and bumps. Measuring approximately 58.27 inches in length and weighing between 19oz and 19.5oz, the Phantom Series cue is tailored for players seeking the ultimate customization in their game. Additional shafts, ranging from 8mm to 13mm in Ash and Maple, are also available for purchase, ensuring that the Phantom Series remains your go-to cue for all playing conditions.

4-Piece Hardwood Adjustable Cue Series

Versatile and adaptable performance for players of all ages and environments

Experience unmatched adaptability with the 4-Piece Hardwood Adjustable Cue Series, designed for home games tables, younger players, and pub pool enthusiasts. These versatile cues can be shortened to 51, 48, and 41 inches, making it perfect for space-restricted shots and accommodating various player heights.

Constructed with a solid and durable hardwood shaft, the cue is suitable for both pool and snooker. It features an 11mm screw-on tip with a brass ferrule and includes four free tips for added convenience. The nylon wrap handle ensures comfortable cue control, while the Jonny 8 Ball logo badge on the butt end showcases your cue’s quality and style.

Designed with a spiral center joint and a rubber butt protector, this cue provides added protection against knocks and bumps. It comes with four stainless steel weight rings, which can be adjusted to suit your preferred cue weight, ranging from 18oz to 21oz. Experience the flexibility and performance of the 4-Piece Hardwood Adjustable Cue Series, tailored for players seeking the ultimate adaptability in their game.