Jonny 8 Ball Cases

Distinct designs, secure and stylish for every player’s taste!

Kids Cue Cases

Junior hard cases for ultimate protection and style in compact size

Introducing our vibrant and durable Junior hard cue cases, specifically designed to accommodate 2-piece 48-inch cues for young players. These cases provide superior protection and effortless transportation for your child’s cue, ensuring that they can enjoy their snooker or pool games without any worries.

Measuring approximately 66cm externally and 64cm internally, our Junior hard cases are constructed with a rigid exterior to prevent cue warping and offer maximum protection. The soft black internal padding safeguards the cue from scratches and dents, while an internal divider keeps the shaft and butt separate and secure.

The retractable, high-quality carry handle ensures easy transportation, and the metal latches provide a secure closure (please note these are not lockable). Showcasing the Jonny 8 Ball logo on the exterior, these Junior cue cases are available in a range of eye-catching colors, including Red, Pink, Purple, and Black, allowing young players to express their style and personality as they develop their skills in the game.